Window Blinds or Curtains? Which do you prefer?

At Unique we’re passionate about all things blinds which is why we’ve put together 6 great reasons why we think window blinds are better than curtains.


There are all types of blinds for all types of windows. Roller Blinds,Venetian Blinds, Horizontal Blinds,Vertical Blinds, Blackout Blinds, Wooden Blinds, Roman Blinds andSkylight Blinds. You don’t get that kind of choice with curtains..!


Blinds are REALLY simple to keep clean. A quick wipe with a damp cloth and they look good as new. No need to remove them and stick them in a washing machine, dry them, iron them and re-hang them. Simple.


All our blinds are hand made to your exact specifications. You can choose to have multi-coloured blinds, vibrant, strong coloured blinds or go for a more traditional, soft approach. Whichever option you choose your new blinds will fit your windows perfectly and look stunning.


Our blinds are manufactured to the highest possible standards using quality materials to ensure they provide years of service. However, we also keep our prices as low as possible ensuring your blinds provide you with the very best value for money


The installation of your new blinds will be completed by one of our fully trained operatives


Blinds are increasingly replacing curtains as a modern alternative with curtains being viewed as old fashioned and dated.



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